AUDACE Corporation conducts a wide variety of business activities in the fields of hotels, restaurants, food and travel with a select group of clientele from around the world.

Presently, we have contracts with clients from world-renowned luxury resort companies, hotel/restaurant associations, hotel groups and department stores. Our main business is to improve the recognition of their high-quality services and products, and to increase the number of customers traveling to these sites from Japan.

Our Main Business Activities

Sales & Marketing

By making use of our network cultivated for over 20 years with travel and food trade, we can find the best partners, contribute to the improvement of brand recognition and increase sales.


We take an efficient approach targeting media which specialize in the luxury field, to maximize the added value for our clients with effective communications as well as implementing social media strategies.

Travel Planning & Arrangement

By using our worldwide network, knowledge, and experiences, we can design unique and luxurious customized trips for individual clients and small groups.

Event Planning & Management

Especially for events related to food and travel, we can ensure the success of an event by conducting everything from planning and coordination to PR with our strong network and experiences.

In addition, we can plan the publication of books and operate websites with specialty themes, such as hotels, restaurants, food, wines and travel. We also provide website translations.